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Sunday, June 04, 2006

How to get traffic for your blog

Ok, based on your request, here is partial list...

1. Learn enough to become an expert in your field.
2. Share your expertise generously, people will recognize this and depend on you.
3. Write posts that are timeless, the ones that will be read in a year from now.
4. Be topical, write posts that want to be read right now!
5. Use lists.
6. Write short, nothing posts.
7. Coin a term or two or three.
8. Always answer you email promptly.
9. Use photo's.
10. Include comments, this will help to generate its own hype.
11. Treat every day like a new day, because you will always have new readers.
12. Write about google.
13. Write about blogging.
14. Don't be boring.
15. Write stuff that people want to read and share.
16. Publish in multiple languages.
17. Ping Technorati
18. Pick a topic, and master it, in deepening detail.

Got a tip you want to add? Let me know!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Million Dollar Homepage

Check this out..... This page is literally worth a million dollars...


Cheers > > > >

Make Money Blogging! - Part 2


The art of finding other bloggers.

1. Keep your URL simple & easy to remeber (word of mouth works better this way)
2. Compse a minimum of 10 "anchor" articles. These articles are typically long (600 word +) and are comprised of pratical and technical data (tips, hints, etc...). These types of articles wil have a longer "shelf life" as they will be referred upon into the future.
3. Like I said before, keep it fresh.... Write a minimum of one new post a day.
4. Compose more "anchor" articles.. Keep them coming, the more you have the better.
5. Submit site changes to "Ping-o-Matic"

Anyway...... without rambling on here.......

Questions / Comments / Ideas - Drop a line..... always willing to hear about it!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Make Money Blogging! - Part 1


You created a blog, and are quite happy blogging away..... But you feel something is missing.

You want to generate revenue from your pride and joy, and why NOT!!!...

People claim fortunes can be made blogging, so much so that it has become a full time job. Here we will transcend into the world of blogging for profit and what tips & tricks can be applied to optimize you blog for revenue generating purposes.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
2. Use keywords in your titles!
3. Themed sites - develop sites in themed fashions
4. Site Design - develop sites that are well laid out
5. Update, Update, Update.... - Update your site and keep it fresh
6. Register your Domain for a lengthy period (spam sites are typically short-lived)
7. Post Length - Don't drag ooonnnnn...... less than 250 words (long posts BAD)
8. Submit to search engines...

Stay tuned..... this is only part 1....

If you enjoyed this.... drop a line. Feedback is always welcome.

What is a blog??

So Just What is a Blog??

A weblog - usually shortened to blog, occasionally spelled web log or weblog

Its really quite simple....... A blog is a type of "website" that is arranged in chronological order (i.e. from the most recent post to the oldest posts..)

Blogs are typically maintained/composed by one person and are updated on a regular basis. Blogs typically contain information on a specific topic of discussion (i.e. books, cars, hobbies, photography, etc.... you get the idea!!)